The Great 21st Century Scientific Watergate

[N17.007] Flaws in the Big Bang Point To GENESIS, A New Millennium Model of the Cosmos

Poster presented in session at the American Physical Society Meeting, April 22, 2002, Session N-17, Poster Session 2, Fran Hill NE Exhibit Hall, Albuquerque Convention Center, Albuquerue, NM

Robert Gentry (The Orion Foundation)

BBC assumes an isotropic/homogeneous universe and F-L expanding spacetime GR, with expansion redshifts tied to GR-induced in-flight changes in λ. However, cosmologists failed to use GPS signal data to test if GR effects do cause in-flight λ changes. I did, and discovered (gr-qc/9806061) a photon's in-flight λ is constant. This agrees with Einstein's static spacetime solution, proving the universe is governed by it, not the F-L paradigm. Disproof of the latter reveals that spherically symmetric galactic, quasar, and GRB redshift distributions prove a universal Center exists nearby. I prepared ten papers detailing these discoveries, plus describing how my 1997 cosmic model (astro-ph/9806280), incorporating vacuum gravity and a nearby universal Center, can be extended to account for the 2.7 K CBR, the Hubble relation, and six other major astrophysical observations. On 2/28/01 they were initially assigned LANL archive numbers, but the LANL staff immediately deleted them after seeing their main titles were the same as this abstract's. As of 1/14/02 they continue to stonewall their release and refuse to restore my password.

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