The Great 21st Century Scientific Watergate

[L1.00037] Center of Universe, Big Bang's Downfall, and the Great White Throne

Poster presented in session at the American Physical Society Meeting, April 17, 2005, Session L1, Poster Session II, Marriott Tampa Waterside — Florida Salon IV-V

Robert Gentry (The Orion Foundation, Knoxville, TN 37912)

Abstract: In Feb. 2001 Paul Ginsparg and his LANL associates censored the release of my ten-paper disproof of big bang cosmology and discovery of a new cosmic model, GENESIS, from Arxiv. Since then Ginsparg and his Cornell associates have continued to do the same (see I then posted some results on CERN before it too began to exclude such persons as myself. On it I showed the correct calculation of big bang's spacetime expansion prediction of the CBR temperature is not the experimentally obtained 2.73K, but instead is less that 0.0001K (CERN EXT-2003-021). This contradiction invalidates big bang's F-L spacetime postulate, its expansion redshifts, its explanation of the Hubble relation and CBR temperature. Big bang's downfall came about because its previously untested postulates have been shown to be vacuous. To replace it I have discovered a new Cosmic Center Universe model that reproduces eight of big bang's most important predictions (see CERN EXT-2003-022). This Universal nearby Center is identified with God's dwelling place, the Great White Throne described in Revelation 20 and 22. These results prove the heavens declare the glory of God, not the big bang.

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