The Great 21st Century Scientific Watergate

[Q1.00325] Session M's Speakers Promote Evolution and Deny Creation Without Reference to My Widely Published Evidence of Earth's Rapid Creation and Without Reference to My Recent Discoveries Disproving the Big Bang: Congress Should Investigate Why They Did This

Poster presented in session at the American Physical Society Meeting, March 15, 2006, Session Q1, Poster Session III, Baltimore Convention Center — Exhibit Hall

Robert Gentry (The Orion Foundation, Knoxville, TN 37912)

Abstract: I have long and widely described the primordial polonium radiohalos that exist in Earth's foundation rocks all over the world in the world's leading scientific journals. The short half-lives of the relevant polonoium isotopes — 3 min. for Po-218 — requires almost instantaneous creation of the host rocks, generally the hard crystalline rocks such as granites, showing that these rocks were the product of creation, not a long, slow process of evolution. My publications can be found at and have been accessible to the worldwide scientific community for over two decades without being refuted. More recently, I have discovered fatal flaws in the big bang theory and also a New Cosmic Model that explains eight of the major predictions of the big bang (see CERN Preprint, Ext-2003-021, and CERN Preprint, Ext-2003-022. Additional disproof is available at, which are papers that were submitted to and received arXiv numbers, but were promptly censored from being released, and continue to be suppressed by P. Ginsparg and Cornell University. This is a practice borrowed from a totalitarian state and the Congress needs to investigate why suppression of evidence of creation continues. There is no excuse for Session M's speakers not to acknowledge this evidence for the Genesis six-day creation of Earth and the visible heavens.

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