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March 16, 2001

Dr. John C. Brown, Director
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Building SM3O, Mail Stop A-100
Bikini Atoll Rd.
Los Alamos, NM 87545

RE:    Dr. Robert Gentry -- The Orion Foundation
Our File No.: 2371-99002

Dear Dr. Brown:

Please be advised that I represent Dr. Robert Gentry and The Orion Foundation and have been made aware of the discrimination which your organization has perpetrated against my clients. In short, scientific research documents were deleted from the LANL Archive arXiv once you learned that they reached a conclusion contrary to the popularly accepted big bang theory. Your organization, while initially accepting the documentation, deleted it from the LANL Archive arXiv after learning the content, and then set up arbitrary standards that did not previously exist.

We again ask that these papers be posted for readership as soon as possible. As you know, my client is a scientist who spent thirteen years as a visiting scientist in the Chemistry Division at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory and has published widely in scientific journals. Your organization's arbitrary refusal to post these documents on the LANL Archive arXiv obviously is discriminatory and we will not hesitate in taking the appropriate legal action.

I would appreciate your contacting my office upon receipt of this letter so that we can discuss appropriate resolution.

Yours very truly,

John O. Threadgill
Dictated but not read;
Stamped in order to avoid delay


cc:     Congressman John J. Duncan
Senator Bill Frist
Thomas Stack, Esquire

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